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Ctrl+Tab navigation for Firefox tabs:

Ctrl-Tab UI

Shift+Ctrl+Tab shows all tabs in a grid:

All Tabs UI


2010-03-20: 0.21.1 @ AMO / local mirror
fixed a bug where the add-on wouldn’t uninstall properly
2010-01-20: 0.21
updated for Firefox 3.6
2009-03-16: 0.20
updated for Firefox 3.1b3
2008-09-08: 0.19.3
added Ctrl+Q shortcut for Windows (similar to IE7 QuickTabs)
thumbnail size increased
2008-09-07: 0.19.2
improved appearance when using Firefox 3.1 alpha 2 or later
browser.ctrlTab.recentlyUsedLimit defaults to 7 (instead of 5)
2008-08-20: 0.19.1
in the “All Tabs” search field, Up/Down/Left/Right keys move focus to the previews
more advanced sorting of the Ctrl+Tab previews
browser.ctrlTab.recentlyUsedLimit hidden pref added
2008-08-16: 0.19
only the first five Ctrl+Tab previews are in MRU order, the rest uses the tab bar order (bug 450743)
Ctrl+Tab previews can be clicked on (bug 445497)
2008-08-10: 0.18.3
preview size increased
fixed incompatibility with “Aeon Big” theme
2008-08-05: 0.18.2
“All Tabs” keyboard shortcut changed to Ctrl+Shift+A / Cmd+Shift+A
2008-07-18: 0.18.1
“All Tabs” keyboard shortcut changed to Ctrl+Alt+A
tab close buttons added to All Tabs panel
2008-07-18: 0.18
fixes bug 445474, 445573 and 445759
new styling for the All Tabs panel
2008-07-16: 0.17.9
compatibility update for Firefox 3.1a1pre
browser.ctrlTab.previewsCount hidden pref dropped
2008-07-15: 0.17.8
preview size increased
2008-07-15: 0.17.7
current tab can be closed with Ctrl+W in the Ctrl-Tab panel
preview JPEG quality increased from 50% to 60%
2008-07-03: 0.17.5
performance tweaks
2008-07-01: 0.17.4
fixed an issue with Google Docs (content shouldn’t receive keyboard events while the panel is open)
multi-monitor support fixed (hopefully)
2008-06-27: 0.17
number of ctrl-tab previews reduced to three
smooth scrolling reimplemented
styling overhaul
several bug fixes
2008-06-10: 0.16.4
fixed the popup’s position where the task bar is attached to the top or left side of the screen
2008-06-09: 0.16.3
small performance tweaks
2008-06-04: 0.16.2
pressing F4 a second time closes the “All Tabs” panel
Firefox 3.1a1pre support added
2008-05-31: 0.16.1
Linux styling update
2008-05-24: 0.16
All-Tabs panel shows tabs from all Firefox windows
2008-05-23: 0.15
various fixes
updated for Firefox 3.0
2008-01-10: 0.14.3-fx3
updated for Firefox 3 Beta 3
2007-09-19: 0.14.2-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
in case of “Ctrl-Tab”, the address of the target tab is displayed in the status bar
the “All Tabs” menu can be opened via F4
improved performance
2007-09-07: 0.14.1-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
small fixes
2007-09-06: 0.14-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
improved performance
revised appearance
hidden pref added: extensions.ctrl-tab.smoothScroll
2007-09-05: 0.13.5-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
Favicons moved to the lower left
all non-selected previews now consistently shrink to 75%
added a new All-Tabs icon
smooth scrolling disabled
code clean-up
2007-09-03: 0.13.3-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
All-Tabs menu replaced by panel that shows tab thumbnails and can be filtered
numerous fixes and improvements
2007-07-22: 0.12.1-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
small performance boost for the first time the popup shows up
2007-07-20: 0.12-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
smooth scrolling implemented
2007-07-16: 0.11.6-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
fixed: for tabs without a favicon, don’t show a random one
2007-07-15: 0.11.5-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
better Linux support
2007-07-14: 0.11.4-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
improved performance
2007-07-14: 0.11.3-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
more aggressive caching
2007-07-12: 0.11.2-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
previews are cached
switching directly in case there are only two tabs
2007-07-06: 0.11.1-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
now using a popup
2007-07-06: 0.10-fx3
for Firefox 3 only
favicons added
differently-sized previews
6 previews by default
larger title
2007-07-01: 0.9.2
disabled reflections for Firefox 2 to help performance
2007-06-30: 0.9.1
added Firefox 2 support (performs notably worse though)
extensions.ctrl-tab.previewsCount defaults to 4
2007-06-30: 0.9
hidden pref added: extensions.ctrl-tab.previewsCount (defaults to 6)
fixed: Ctrl+Shift+Tab moves into the wrong direction when first hit
fixed: Pressing Ctrl and then hitting Tab and Esc without releasing Ctrl makes the tab preview band permanent until Ctrl+Tab is hit again
2007-06-30: 0.8
initial release

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  1. Ister wrote on October 4, 2011 12:54 PM BST ():
    Is there a chance You make this add-on compatibile with FF 7?
  2. asdasdasd wrote on October 9, 2011 10:10 AM BST ():
    awdasda dfgdfgr erfdvfdfg
  3. lvjiang wrote on October 23, 2011 03:57 PM BST ():
  4. Leiko wrote on October 23, 2011 05:26 PM BST ():

    I have a problem where all tiles appear completely white and it’s hard to read what’s on them. Is there a bug that you are aware of?

    Many thanks
  5. Leiko wrote on October 23, 2011 10:52 PM BST ():

    I think I’ve found a bug:

    When Hardware Acceleration is enabled in Firefox 7.0.1 the tiles appear all white and are very difficult to read. When I turn HA off the problem goes away.

    This is NOT the case in Firefox Nightly 10, even with Hardware Acceleration enabled.

  6. zinzolin wrote on October 27, 2011 10:41 AM BST ():

    I love the Ctrl-Tab extension and I use it for quite some time now. Thanks a lot.

    After I upgraded to Ubuntu Linux 11.10 (from 10.04 LTS), Ctrl-Tab stopped working on my computer (FF7, x64). I only have the default FF behaviour: pressing Ctrl-Tab cycles trough tabs to the right and Ctrl-Shift-Tab to the left.

    Any idea on how to solve this?

  7. Leiko wrote on November 9, 2011 12:32 PM GMT ():
    The bug in 7.0.1 (above), has now been solved with Firefox 8.0. Thanks.
  8. peter_c wrote on November 15, 2011 05:38 PM GMT ():
    I am using Firefox 3.6.23 and Ctrl+Tab doesn’t seem to work on it. I mean if i use the combination Shift+Ctrl+Tab it shows all the open tabs, but if i use Ctrl+Tab it doesn’t work. How to fix this? Please, help!!
  9. Ian Wood wrote on November 16, 2011 02:31 PM GMT ():
    I have just changed to version 8 of firefox in Kubuntu 11.10 and it doesn’t work. The ctrl-tab behaviour is the major reason I don’t use Chrome, please fix!
  10. Ian Wood wrote on November 16, 2011 02:46 PM GMT ():
    I have just changed to version 8 of firefox in Kubuntu 11.10 and it doesn’t work. The ctrl-tab behaviour is the major reason I don’t use Chrome, please fix!
    Sorry, changed settings in about:config and works again…

  11. will wrote on November 26, 2011 08:13 AM GMT ():
    hi …

    I’m new to Ctrl-TAB. So far it has proved itself very useful. I have a suggestion to help out.

    I’d like to suggest an option to show the title or the URL (when title isn’t available) under the each tab in the “All Tabs Grid”. This is equal to the base firefox tab-s list which shows the titled and the URL shows when you move up/down the list.

    It helps to have a title/name when looking at the grid or when looking for a particular item.

    Thanks … w.
  12. snowape wrote on January 23, 2012 02:47 AM GMT ():
    Great add-on.

    It would be a nice if you could use w to close windows in grid mode too. So you press ctrl-shift-tab to enter grid mode, then choose a window with the arrow keys, and close it with w leaving grid mode open. I know you can do this with the mouse but I like keyboard shortcuts.
  13. Dave wrote on March 11, 2012 08:42 PM GMT ():
    FF 10 does not allow the ctrl-tab function to work. I’ve even tried adding in the about:config key listed above without success. Not sure what needs to be done in order to make this work. Thoughts anyone?
  14. John wrote on March 28, 2012 01:06 PM BST ():
    This addon is awsome. As I’m a speed freak, so it helps a lot to increas my work speed and efficiency!!
  15. Steve wrote on April 12, 2012 07:32 AM BST ():
    I’ve also noticed that it stopped working with FF 10 and 11: pressing ctrl-tab will go to the most recently used tab but subsequent presses of the tab key don’t do anything. I can still use the mouse to select tabs, so it’s not completely broken.

    I’ve become so accustomed to this great extension I hope it ca be revived. Thanks.
  16. Chris L wrote on May 31, 2012 04:29 PM BST ():
    Running Firefox 13 (on Mac OSX 10.7.4), the main functionality of the add-on is broken. CTRL-TAB brings up the tabs, but releasing and pressing tab doesn’t move from tab to tab. I can hover over one of the tabs and release the keys to select, but that’s it.

    CTRL-SHIFT-TAB functionality seems to work (I can select tab by the icon or search)
  17. Chrisnie wrote on June 6, 2012 02:16 PM BST ():
    Thanks a lot for this nice tool! I’ve searched a while to get same function as in opera.. and here it is! great work!!
  18. Teenage wrote on June 28, 2012 09:56 PM BST ():
    I love this extension, but on my mac (10.6.8 with FF 13 fr) I got the same problem as “Chris L” : a simple Ctrl-Tab works : cycling between two tabs or displaying the tab list if pressed longer.
    But cycling between the other tabs failed : repeatedly releasing/pressing Tab (or Shift Tab) doesn’t trigger anything.

    Hops you can fix this problem.

    PS: I you don’t have a mac for testing, you could send me patch to my email se I can test it on mine. I made a quick look to you code. I think the problem should be located in the ctrlTab_advanceFocus function. It’s doesn’t seem to be a problem linked with the way OSX or FF for mac handle the Tab key, this web site test returns correct results :
  19. Sorbing wrote on July 2, 2012 10:14 AM BST ():
    Please. Make a customisation hotkey for switching between tabs. Me will be easy switching a “Ctrl+Left” and “Ctrl+Right”. Thanks.
  20. Rick wrote on August 22, 2012 12:58 AM BST ():
    I have had this extension installed so long I thought it was a built in feature of FF!

    However I just upgraded to ML and for some reason, when I repeatedly hit tab while holding ctrl it does not change the selected window preview. So I can effectively not change to another tab without using my mouse after clicking ctrl tab. Is this a bug?

    I would love to get this fixed soon, thanks!

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